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Basic Handgun Skills Course:

This course is designed for people with little or no handgun experience. Students focus on pistol shooting fundamentals including proper grip, sight alignment/sight picture, trigger control and stance. Mastering these basic skill requirements is critical to developing sufficient proficiency with a handgun to safely and effectively employ it in a defensive shooting situation. Also covered is range protocol, safe handling & storage.

Firearms and ammunition are furnished and included in the class fee.

Eye and ear protection is available at no charge, and there are no separate range fees.

Class duration: 3 hrs.

Class Size: Maximum 6 students

Class Fee: $125

Intermediate Handgun Skills Course:

The 3 hour Intermediate Handgun Skills Course covers drawing and engaging from a holster and engaging one or more targets.

A "good" holster and gun belt are required for this course, even if you are going to carry a handgun in a purse or fanny pack. Do not buy a holster that closes when you draw your handgun, thus requiring you to open the holster with your weak hand before reholstering. There are many good holster manufacturers, including Comp-Tac and Blade-Tech. Students carrying a handgun in a purse or fanny pack will spend some time covering issues related to this method of carrying a defensive handgun, but the shooting portion of the class will involve only the use of a holster.

Prerequisite: Basic Handgun Skills

Ammo Required: 300 rds

Class duration: 3 hrs.

Class Size: Maximum 6 students

Class Fee: $125

Advanced Handgun Skills Course:

This course introduces the use of barricades and other cover, shooting on the move, shooting moving targets, shooting from unusual positions and advanced malfunction/incapacitation drills. Standing still and shooting at stationary targets is useful for training, but only to a point. There comes a point when every person carrying a defensive handgun must practice under more realistic conditions.

Prerequisite: Basic Handgun Skills, Intermediate Handgun Skills

Ammo Required: 400 rds

Class duration: 4 hrs.

Class Size: Maximum 6 students

Class Fee: $125

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